Jul 13, 2010

Hexagonal playing cards and poker.

Whether a poker game by hexagonal playing cards or what rules of poker are possible if to consider card combinations in cells of a hexagon.

It is possible to talk about hexagonal playing cards and other board games by dominoes or letters on a six-side game board that is described on pages of web-site: http://www.en.artgame64.ru
What card combinations in a poker game if playing cards have six colours and hexagonal forms?
Whether there can be popular a poker gaming with hexagonal playing cards?

Jun 25, 2010

Board game with numbers and calculations of playing cards in poker.

To consider cards in poker or the open numbers in board games.

It is possible to talk about the board game with numbers: http://www.numeralgame.64g.ru/en.htm
Numbers are drawn on playing cards which can be moved on squares of the game board as on a chessboard in this game. Variants of game rules are very diverse.

I am interested in a question on calculations of numbers which are open for players on a game board, and calculations of the latent playing cards in game of poker.
Whether it is possible by means of a board game with numbers to find algorithm for calculations of playing cards in poker?

Jun 24, 2010

Board game in words by letters on a chess field.

Scrabbl and poker game - the reasons of popularity.

It is possible to talk about game in words or letters: http://www.wordgame.64g.ru/en.htm

Players have playing cards with alphabeic letters on a chess board according to rules of this game, and players move letters as a chess and as a result letters form words, that differs from the widespread board game "scrabble" in which letters only spread on a game board.

I offer an interesting question on popularity of game "scrabble" though in the world there are many other more interesting board games in words and letters.
And also the question on popularity of game in poker or popularity of gambling in preference.
Why poker is so popular in the world?

Jun 22, 2010

The open game with dominoes on a chessboard.

Dominoes and poker games - the latent or open information.

I offer to discussion game in which cards of dominoes have on a chessboard and move as a chess, and game interaction occurs according to rules of dominoes that is if cards of dominoes are compared by identical figures that is in detail described on pages of website: http://www.dominoopen.64g.ru/en.htm
I expect comparative analysis of games with open playing information, when players see figures of dominoes or see positions of chessmen, and gamblings with latent playing information, for example poker games in which players guess playing cards of contenders.

As the dominoes applies to be an Olympic kind of sports, but equal odds of a prize are necessary in sports that is possible in games with the open information and is not possible in a traditional games with dominoes with the latent game information.
And also poker consider as sports gambling.

Jun 21, 2010

Playing cards on a game board.

Poker gaming or the open card play - two sides of game.
I offer to discussion my game in which it is possible to have playing cards as chessmen on a chess board, and it is possible to use playing cards openly with equal odds of a prize for players. A theme of discussion are differences of the open games with playing cards from traditional gambling such as poker in which cards are latent. As poker is the most popular game on the Internet, and in essence the word poker is frequent and consequently comparison of the open playing cards with poker is interesting.
The detailed information about the open games with playing cards on a chess board look on pages of my site: http://www.cardgameopen.64g.ru/en.htm
The site has no forum and pages for discussions, but I wish to use this blog for conversations on open playing cards and poker gambling.